About Us

Our Achievements

From 2017 to 2019 we were a successful audio guide and e-commerce company (named as best National E-Tourism in 2018), but as the market needs, demands and trends have changed, we decided to change the whole concept of our app. We have won multiple respectable awards and grants as the team of TravelGuide.


business Competition Winner


National award as best E-tourism 2018


100k Matching grants program winner

Meet Our Team

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  • Elguja Narimanashvili

    Chief Executive Officer e.narimanashvili@gmail.com              

  • Iveri Meskhi

    Technical Director iveri.mesxi@gmail.com                                

  • Lika Moshiashvili

    Communications and Marketing Manager likamoshiashvili@gmail.com

  • Giorgi Chachua

    Financial Consultant giorgi.chachua777@gmail.com                    

  • Ana Keleptrishvili

    Sales Director ana.keleptrishvili@geolab.edu.ge                    

  • Ani Svanidze

    Marketing Strategist ani.svanidze.1@btu.edu.ge